Have you ever had a crush on a guy but never knew how to get him to like you? Well, we got you covered! There are certain things every man is looking for in his woman and if you can show you have these qualities, any guy will fall for you instantly.

1. Grab his attention – The first step is to start talking to him, make friends with him on social media and start a conversation.

2. Connect with him – Men love women who put in efforts to connect with them. You can be funny, talk about his interests, discuss common topics and much more. Keep him engaged in a healthy banter so he doesn’t lose interest. You can find out what he likes and talk about those things.

3. Don’t play dumb – The dumb and cute act does not work too much because men prefer their women to be smart. But there is also a limit to being smart. You cannot act like a typical corporate smart lady but show that you can be vulnerable. That vulnerability is something which can bring out the hero instinct in men as they seek to be your shining knight in armour. Do not appear desperate at all. There is nothing more unattractive than a girl trying too hard and seeming desperate for attention. Just be confident!

4. Find common ground – If he is a gamer, try talking about games or talk about the games he loves. If he is a singer, you can talk about music. By doing this, you will never run out of topics to talk about and he will have a fun time chatting with you.

5. Plan a meet up – Meeting is an important part of building a relationship. Remember that this is not a date and it is just a casual hangout time with a friend. Don’t overdress or go with a full face of makeup. Men hate women who put on too much makeup or go overboard with their dressing style. Keep it simple and casual.

If you religiously follow these 5 tips, you will surely have a bunch of men wanting you! Further tips can be found on the his secret obsession review article.